Painless Root Canal

Nerve treatment is essential to stop pain and to maintain the tooth’s integrity making it an essential treatment in emergency situations.

Wisdom Teeth removal

Tooth pain ranges from a vast array of causes however a medical assessment a wisdom teeth removal is essential to remove the pain they can place upon a person

Broken Tooth trauma

Broken teeth and or chipped teeth can cause large amounts of pain for a person and also expose the tooth’s nerve leading to further problem’s, therefore emergency treatment is essential for a patient and is highly recommended

Tooth Infection

Infection around teeth can cause various issue for persons therefore is essential to be treated as soon as possible cleaning, sanitation and infection removal is all done upon an emergency case.

Nerve Exposure

An exposed nerve must be treated immediately to preserve the tooth and this will be treated effectively and appropriately upon arrival

Do you need emergency Dental? If pain persists and or a known nerve is exposed assistance and treatment is required immediately and you are recommended to seek an emergency dentist. Here at Aelite Dental we will treat The issue with care and do anything to keep the patient comfortable and calm at all times.